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A legacy of loving dogs

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The Pet Rest Inn was built in the early ’70s by Hailey's great grandfather, Pete Dunn. Pete built the grooming and boarding facility for his son, Hailey's great uncle, Roland Dunn. For a time, Roland worked for Dr. Lawrence interning to be a veterinarian. Dr. Lawrence allowed Roland to run the vet clinic, even learning how to perform some surgeries.


Sadly, Dr. Lawrence retired, so Roland taught himself how to groom. His mother, Martha took care of the cats, and Roland cared for the kennel dogs. Roland’s grooming salon was next to the Sanford Mall on Rhinehart Rd.

Hailey's earliest memories of Roland are sitting in his lap, talking about animals. He had many vendors and was generous, allowing Hailey to choose items, like leashes and treats, to bring home for her pets. As an adult, Hailey never stopped loving animals and went to grooming school. After school, Hailey decided to open her own grooming and boarding facility. Roland’s daughter, Sharon supported her and purchased her first grooming table, clippers, and scissors as a gift.

Mission Statement

  • To provide a comfortable and safe environment with quality, professional service.

  • To improve the appearance and well-being of every pet put in my care.

  • To provide assistance and education to clients in maintaining their pets.

  • To continue to be educated in new techniques and new products for the benefit of clients and their pets.

  • Pets are our number one priority we will always choose their health and well-being over vanity.

Our Vision:

It is our vision to be a salon where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Our goal is that every client receives outstanding service from the time they walk in, to the time they walk out.

Our Motto:

TEAMWORK makes the DREAM work!!

As the business
has grown...

Hailey has decided to change the name to honor her past family members and continue the family tradition. At Hailey's Collar & Comb we still have clients today that visited the original Pet Rest Inn.

Thank you to the past and future clients who support our family business.


Thank you Jordyn Vanscoy for suggesting the name change and Olivia Designs for the awesome logo!

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In Good Hands!

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